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Oola Dream Tour | Denver Volkswagen Dealership

The Oola Dream Tour is stopping by Larry H. Miller Volkswagen! 
June 7, 2017 - Noon to 1 p.m. 
If you haven't heard of the Oola phenomenon yet, it's time to catch up! In honor of the launch of their new book, Oola for Women, the OolaGuys are hitting the road from April 27-June 23 for the most epic leg of the #OolaDreamTour yet - 17 major cities, and countless small towns, Volkswagen dealerships, book stores, colleges and random donut shops in between.

If you would like to have your book signed by the authors, you can purchase a copy at your local bookstore or find it here. You can also just come by and say, "hello," and find out what the Oola phenomenon is all about!

What is the Oola Dream Tour?
The Oola Dream Tour is one of the most interactive and inspiring experiences you'll ever be part of. You may not even know how powerful this will be until you track the OolaBus down and place your own dream on our bus. The Oola Dream Tour is not sermonizing or self-serving. It is simply a growing community of people who believe we are not designed for ordinary, but extraordinary. That we are not designed by accident, but for a specific purpose. 

Experience a life-changing, attitude-adjusting, confidence-building, soul-affirming tour from the authors of "Oola," the international best-selling self-help book series.

What is Oola?
Oola (originating from the word "oo-la-la") is a lifestyle based on the International best-selling book, Oola: Find balance in an Unbalanced World.

Who Are These Oola Guys?
The OolaGuys are co-authors of the international best-selling book series that started with Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. Dr. Dave (the OolaSeeker) and Dr. Troy (the OolaGuru) are renowned experts in a proper work-life balance.

The OolaGuys know that women are the ultimate multitaskers. In Oola for Women, written especially for them, the book shows, through the experiences of 42 incredibly inspiring women (young and old), how to overcome unexpected hardships and transform the juggling act of everyday life into a dream lifestyle of simplicity, tranquility, abundance, and opportunity.
Twitter: @OolaLife
Instagram: oolalife